Jowee Omicil bashed it at “Le Parisien”

We « bashed » this afternoon at the headquarters of LE PARISIEN with the famous Jazz singer Jowee OMICIL before his show who will take place at the Jazz à la Villette concert on Sunday 3rd September 2017. An evening that promises to be jazzy, unforgettable and a bit spiritual in the image of what we listened to the editorial ‘LE PARISIEN where he presented us his new opus entitled “Let’s Bash.” A mixture of sweets and groove of which it’s the only one to produce.


© Omicil


An open-minded in his fullness with different genre, from jazz to hip hop to gospel and rock, whose sweet melodies ”a melo ooo melo ooo, melo oo I got melo on the saxo!!” to jazzy, at the height of its genitor, Jowee, has transcended the souls, with his music, starting from his own to reach those of his audience to the point of producing uncontrollable vibrations, that takes you to unimaginable heavens. No wonder he wants to make Jazz popular, for everyone to feel that vibes!

Jowee, a warm, humorous and multi-faceted artist, who possesses a distintive soulful and spiritual sound on saxophones and flutes that extends to his clarinet and harmonica ventures, this afternoon we enjoyed thoses sounds at it fullness, we bashed !!