How Dee Dee Bridgewater electrified Paris at “La Cigale”

There are sensations that can not be explained when you meet a soul so pure, free, and devoted; a soul that transcends time and seasons and does not alter its aura. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, it’s the DIVA, many times nominated and honored ; the sublime American Jazz DIVA DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER.

In Paris at la CIGALE since last night, the Diva delights us with its deep and sweet voice on melodies from the repertoire of the 60s. A mixture of many taste ; salt and pepper sensations that intermingle between emotions and genres … blues, soul, jazz, groove. In 2 hours of concert, we were delighted.

Immersed by the sound of her voice and her narration, we were lead in the 60s-70S in America, where young black women were fighting for their freedom. Reviewing with warmth and spontaneity some of the most famous pieces of Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, B.B. King and many others. If it was needed, Dee Dee reminds us that she can excel in this blues and soul genre as well as in the most classical vocal jazz.

©Dee Dee Bridgewater/


Each title had its story, just as captivating as each other. Taking us sometimes in a hiccup, sometimes in melancholy or even crying when she refers to her late mother to whom she dedicated a song in her new Album “Memphis”. But when she speaks to us about love, she radiates practically, yes because she certainly knows what it means to love someone, and she explains it in a few words ” make sure you love yourself before loving someone’ and she is right !!
There was a kind of divine harmony with her band when she is on stage, it looks like a symphony, all are in symbiosis and the sounds that result from that harmony are just a pure delight for our hearing. It keeps you in breath till the end.

She really got it, the groove, the beat. In short, the mastery of her body, soul and spirit which enables her to transmit without difficulty the joy and the fullness that her melodies bring to her audience is just amazing! You are going to danse you want it or not. And we di dit!! We dansed, cried and sang together a happy birthday to so many…We enjoyed her and we had fun!

There are pure and divine souls, and I met Again one last evening; DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER, and I invite you to enjoy her last album ” Memphis..Yes, I’m Ready ” a ” must have ” track, Enjoy it !!