Lisa Simone Performance at the Paris Jazz Festival-(VINCENNES)

There are happiness that are picked up by shovel  and  in small portions and this afternoon at the Paris Jazz Festival  at Vincennes, the happiness was enormous with Lisa Simone. You’ve probably guessed, The Diva’s Diva!! The sweet and sublime daughter of the Queen of Jazz / blues, a griot Nina Simone, a complete woman, singer and songwriter of soul / Jazz.

She really got this from her mother! The rhythm, the cadence, the groove everything is there, it keeps you in breath until the end. On stage, her musicians and her are in harmony with the air that comes out of her bowels and the movements of her body. In short, she has mastery of her body, soul and spirit which enables her to transmit without difficulty the joy and the fullness that her melodies bring to her audience.

© Simone

She has surely received from GOD a gift, that of transmitting the positive waves and of giving happiness with much gentleness to the souls in pain. I am not a soul in pain, but believes me its melody, its carrier voice has put me in ecstasy: I was dazzled, fascinated in peace and full of joy. To the point where I found myself on the ground after my taking pictures, too many emotions!! Lol!

On the stage, she is unleashing; it looks like a Bantu with exotic swaying. She appropriates the scene and draws the audience into a dance always energetically energized embarking you to unknown destinations where only joy and happiness await you.

©Nina Simone (Facebook)

There are pure and divine souls, and I met one of them this evening; LISA SIMONE, and I invite you to enjoy her last album ” My world ” a ” must have ” track, Enjoy it !!