Nomfusi: “Musically I’m soulful with a gospel background”

NomfusiYour surname is Gotyana, Nomfusi your stage name. What do they mean?
Nomfusi means: a child that is born after twin siblings. Gotyana doesn’t have a meaning.

How can you be described in a few words?
Nomfusi is a dynamite in a small package ……my voice is bigger than me lol…..But above all I carry a story of a black child that has been left with nothing but a song. I don’t just sing because I can but I sing because I come alive in music.

You said, you started music by beating drums, dancing and singing traditional songs. You have been called to perform in the village. When did you become aware that, this could become a job or a business for you?
First it was not a village but a township or informal settlement. When I started making money out of music then I realized I could make a business out of it. And that all start when I was working as a waitress and singer in a restaurant…..I got more tips not because I knew the menu best or could sell the most expensive wine but because of my performance on stage after serving the food.

How do you define yourself musically and how would you define your music?
Musically I’m soulful with a gospel background….but can never forget my traditional roots ….and therefore I’ll always say my music is Motown meets Sofia town.

What does it mean “Kwazibani” the name of your first album and what does it represent for you beyond the fusion between the influences of the sounds of Motown and your roots?
It’s my mother’s name which means “who knows”

Your second and at the moment last album entitled “Take me Home” is a kind of comeback. That means you acquired more self-confidence between both albums which allows you to do this come-back?
Yes….both albums have help my growth in music and life….and at this point I’m doing it for me ….it’s not about my late mother or wanting to be accepted back home…..but it’s about that child that was left alone with nothing but a song.

What can music-lovers learn from this CD?
They will get love, regrets, good and bad times …ups and downs of life…..and I hope out of everything they find a sorry of hope and perseverance.

Being on stage with “bra Hugh Masekela”, what does it represent for you?
It was just amazing….and he told me words that I will never forget he said: u will do music for your life time and a lot of women are going to look up to you……and that to me, means “responsibility”.