Montreux Jazz Talent Award 2019, dévoile ses vainqueurs.

Afra Kane a tapé dans l’œil de Stanley Clarke, Chilly Gonzales, Carl Craig et Chucho Valdés, entre personnalités qui constituaient le jury, remportant ainsi la seconde édition du Montreux Jazz Talent Awards 2019. A côté de la pianiste, le duo anglais Run Logan Run a également été distingué.

Les lauréats des Montreux Jazz Talent Awards reçoivent un prix en espèces, une résidence au Becque sur les rives du lac Léman pour le lauréat “Solo” et du matériel audio personnalisé pour le lauréat “Band”.

Afra Kane /©Emilie Genty

The Switzerland-based Italian-Nigerian singer and pianist captured the jury’s attention with her voice and her compositions which draw on many influences, from classical music to gospel.

“It was a fulfilling experience where I got to perform and listen to high-standard jazz musicians.It gave a chance to connect with them and learn from their mastery. A real dream come true. I had always wanted to play at Montreux Jazz Festival and it is also probably the reason I’ve decided to stay in Switzerland.” –  Afra Kane

Afra Kane is an Italian-Nigerian singer-songwriter and composer who lived in the UK for a long time before moving to Switzerland. She developed her love of songs listening to Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone and Otis Redding. She is a trained classical pianist who composed her first songs at the age of 13, inspired by classical music, gospel, soul and jazz. In January 2019, she released her first EP “Scorpio”. Afra Kane was invited to play at the Istituto Svizzero in Rome and as the supporting act for Jack Savoretti’s Italian tour.