Ana Moura: “I just want people to feel that the music is good and honest to what I am”

Nous vous présentions déjà le prochain album d’Ana Moura, qui sortira le 6 février en France. Pour essayer d’en savoir un peu plus, nous lui avons posé quelques questions qui nous éclairent davantage sur ce bel opus que nous vous recommandons vivement.

Comment qualifierez-vous cet album Ana? Peut-on dire qu’il est autobiographique ?
It’s quite hard to say it’s autobiographical as I’m singing songs written by other people but is clearly the most personal record I ever did. I had a big role in all the decisions, in the studio and after that, and I also feel that the songwriters that are working with me they are almost all close friends so they know me well and they write thinking on my personality. For all that reasons I believe that it is a more personal record.

Qu’est-ce que vouliez atteindre avec cet album ?
I don’t think too much about that. I’m just focused on the music and to love and believe in what I’m doing. I just want people to feel that the music is good and honest to what I am.

©Ana Moura/Facebook Ana Moura
©Ana Moura/Facebook Ana Moura


Que signifie pour vous la présence d’Omara Portuondo dans cet album ?
It means a lot! Omara is a Diva! I also loved all the Buena Vista Social Club movement and specially Omara Portuondo. In 2014 they invited me to sing with them in their concert in Portugal and I had the chance to meet all of them and, of course, Omara too. They were all very nice and on stage things worked really well. Having such a historical singer on my record is a big privilege.

Comment nait l’idée de faire appel à elle ?
The idea came on studio. I felt that song has kind of a bolero atmosphere and then it was real natural to invite Omara. I’ve met her a few months before and it was the logical choice to make that song even more special.

Le public de Paris a l’occasion de la voir sur scène le 19 février prochain à l’Olympia.

En écoute: “Eu Entrego” duo avec Omara Portuondo