Ayanna-W.Johnson “It’s means beautiful flower”

Ayanna-Witter Johnson: ” (…) I found in music a place that I could develop and express myself as a human being…”

Quand pour la première fois on écoute “magnifique fleur”, on se dit que cette voix nous est familière. Pourtant la londonienne a, même si elle nous rappelle lorsqu’elle ne nous plonge pas dans des univers qui nous paraissent familiers, sa propre identité vocale qui, associée a sa dextérité sur le violoncelle, nous transporte, nous séduit. Rencontre avec  Ayanna Witter-Johnson.

Hello Ayanna, for our french spoken webzine, thank you for this meeting.
Thank you for your message Jean-Jacques.

You’re Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Singer/’Cellist, Composer and Pianist. Behind the musician who is Ayanna? How do you describe yourself?
I am an old spirit rediscovering ancient wisdoms.  I am a candle, learning how to burn ever more brightly hour by hour.  I am joy and sadness, quiet and loud, up and down and more and more enjoying this intimate journey.

In my Country, every name has a meaning. Has Ayanna also a particular meaning? What is its origin?
It is a Yoruba name and means ‘beautiful flower’.

First EP (Truthfully) recorded in 2011, you described it as: “A revelation of me, an introduction.” autobiographical EP?
It is an honest snapshot of my artistry in August 2011.  Those were the songs that had revealed some of my journey and lived with me, resonating most deeply with my audience at that time.  Sonically it was an introduction to what I do as a performer in its essence which is sing and plays the cello.  Thus the sound was very stripped back and purely acoustic.

How do you define your Music?
Contemporary soul.

Tell us how you get into music.
I started playing the piano at 4 years old and from then onwards, music as grown within me as I have experienced life.  I didn’t set out to be a performer but I always had a natural propensity towards performance and found in music a place that I could develop and express myself as a human being.  The turning point was being invited to perform at a jam session at the Jazz Café when I was 19 years old.

Cello and Piano: Why these instruments?
My Mum chose the piano for me and I later chose the cello because I have large hands and didn’t think I could play the violin!

Would the music have supplanted the theatre in your life? You also studied the theatre.
Yes, I felt that I had to make a choice when I was younger.  Music or drama school.  I know that I want to continue acting and I trust that the opportunities will present themselves at the right time.

I also know that you studied French. We follow this interview in French. Alors Quelle est votre actualité?
Récemment, j’ai été nominée pour un prix MOBO – Loi Best Jazz. Alors s’il vous plaît voter pour moi au www.mobo.com/voting

Esperanza Spalding : Modèle et amie ? Qu’est ce qui vous séduit chez elle ? La bassiste ou la chanteuse ?
Amie, bien sûr. J’aime tant sa voix et son jeu. Le compliment deux un autre magnifiquement.

D’autres modèles dans la profession ?
Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, Maria Schneider, Kronos Quartet, Björk, Sting, Sweet Honey In The Rock….

Comment se procurer votre EP ?
Pour acheter mon EP, visite www.ayannamusic.com. Ou chercher des «Truthfully» par Ayanna sur iTunes et Amazon. Mon premier album complet sera publié au début de l’année prochaine.

A vous de conclure cette interview (mais en français (rires) ; Vous êtes une personne adorable et je souhaite que votre carrière soit des plus belles.
Merci beaucoup ! Xx

En écoute “Truthfully” ???????????